Singapore is a strongest brand on the world nowadays, and its name appears daily in global for almost aspects. These achievements did not happen overnight, they were over 60 years of building and developing with thousands of billion dollars invested and well known talent leader generations. For the companies which may not have embarked on brand building, simply being a Singapore Standard brand will in itself to associate you with the trusted recognition Singapore brands and enjoy all over the world.

Opening big gate into ASEAN with variety business professions. Singapore is the most developed and credit country in ASEAN, it get admires not only from the members but also all people on the world. Not a random all the multinational companies to use Singapore as key to open gate to ASEAN or place the head quarter there. The investor could immediately occupy his local market by adding prestige Brand for current business, or immediately attack ASEAN market. 
We are Singapore Standard, the name of country is nationality property… nobody is allowed to name it without permission from authority or under the law. The name of country is also the equity to the world thought its images, development, and credit. These are truly intangible property certification. And only you are allowed to use “Singapore Standard” stamp on your goods or services.

The presentation of “Singapore + Standard + Lion Head”; the brand, logo and trademark are not only to satisfy the criteria: outstanding, majestic, powerful but also to represent full strengths and prestige of Singapore country. On the other hands, they reveal the expectation in  Fengshui meaning such as sacred animals, fortunate number, prosperity and also a prestigious shield to protect the enterprise.
Branding Team.