Singapore Standard Organization is going abroad to international through its representative in local countries, with Head Quarter based in Singapore. It creates the rules to certify finished products or services in which quality evidences are tested in high frequency, additional all factors that impact to quality of product in manufacturing process are inspected routinely. 
Singapore Standard Statement: “we understand that just science quality evidences of finished product are satisfied consumer’s expectation, because these are true quality of products that they are being used and would be used”.

We certify products or services with science quality evidences along with all test reports from prestige labs in Singapore. This is totally different with quality voting method which emotion reflects the lovely than a quality.
All test reports follow the current Singapore Standards or International Standards that are being applied in Singapore. Moreover SINGAPORE has kept its reputation in a global for “lowest corruption and highest effectively white collar”, consumers could trust on us for accuracy quality issues without any impaction.
Quality Team.