When preparing to enter a new market with products or services, an entrepreneur must decide whether to establish a brand and, if so, what name to use. What could make the first impression just by hearing or seeing one time !? Singapore is the most developed and credit country in ASEAN, it get admires not only from the members but also all people on the world. Not a random or inattentiveness all the multinational companies to use Singapore as opening gate to ASEAN or place the head quarter there. Besides the word “standard” is too well-known and high valued intangible asset on the world with “American Standard”, “Russian Standard”, “Standard Chatter”...etc. So no doubt Singapore Standard Ltd. would be number one brand name in South Asia.

Singapore Standard Ltd. is appropriated a broad variety of business activities: banking, insurance, construction, real estate, system of schools-hospitals-hotels, quality certification, consultancy…and similar. The business potential is extremely huge..! furthermore the investor is also not required to register a business profession in Singapore for investments in other territories. It means the investor could immediately attack his local market by changing Brand to build up new potential images for current business, or immediately attack ASIA market by jointed venture, acquisition operating firms in any expected industry he want. And why not a condition in paper that the new entity would be presented with new brand.