Nowadays, since the markets become the most competitive environment with more than 500,000 brands are registered per day globally in different countries. Who are you ? What you do ? How do you make differentiation your products and services to competitors at first communication to consumer ?. Itis just your brand. Your brand has already presold You, your job then is to sell your products and services. So how to value up your brand !? and how to make consumer feel safety on your products !? Because “You only get one chance to make a first impression” goes double for introducing a new (or renew) brand. You will get the attention and scrutiny of the marketplace when your first introduction combining with third prestige brand party, who would guarantee your product quality to consumer. In that moment, your new brand will be judged, categorized, ranked, compared, and pegged, pretty much for all time.
When preparing to enter a new market with products or services, an entrepreneur must decide whether to establish a brand and, if so, what name to use. What could make the first impression just by hearing or seeing one time !? Singapore is the most developed and credit country in ASEAN, it get admires not only from the members but also all people on the world. Not a random or inattentiveness all the multinational companies to use Singapore as opening gate to ASEAN or place the head quarter there. Besides the word “standard” is too well-known and high valued intangible asset on the world with “American Standard”, “Russian Standard”, “Standard Chatter”...etc. No doubt, Singapore Standard would be one of best selection brand name in South Asia.
Brand is the most visible of a company’s activities and this is even more accurately the case when applied on an international scale. Creating a strong brand for your business can help you set yourself outstanding apart from the crowd and lay the right foundation for the future growth of your business. And an effective brand tells the world who you are, what you do, while at the same time establishing your relevance to and credibility with your prospective customers. A properly descriptive brand and high brand awareness amongst your target market will allow you to more easily introduce a wider range of products and services, when they are developed without having to start by again selling who you are, what you do and how you do it first. Companies are also valued by their brand equity, achieving and maximizing brand equity requires tremendous respect for all your customers, from your wholesaler to your end user. So an established and respected brand can be the most valuable asset a company possesses.
Branding Team.
by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey
BRANDS-AND-BRAND-NAMES by  Buzzell, Robert D. and John A. Quelch