While Singapore is geographically just a small dot on the map, its international position is a thousand times larger. Singapore is considered to be the most stable, secured and cleanest nation in the world. With the top-class quality of public health and education system, real estates, environment, etc. in the region, Singapore Standard has become not only a national brand but a common brand in the ASEAN community also. Its popular advertising terms and phrases such as made in Singapore, Singapore Standard model apartment, Singapore Standard school, etc. appear more and more frequently on social media in other member countries.

With the ‘investing in community’ principle, Singapore Standard Ltd. opens new chances for individual or organizational investors with financial capacity or expertise to participate in their communalizing projects. The investors shall be supported to affirm their brand. This is a breakthrough to make their products popular not only in Vietnam but in other countries of the region also. “Affirm your brand to reach success” is what Singapore Standard Ltd will apply to help its partners gradually control the markets.

At present, Singapore Standard’s continuing development endorses its top position in Asia. Creating new chances for the investors to develop their brand is one way to increase the value of a company, which is also one of the efficient, powerful and widely influencing competitive tools. All the projects of Singapore Standard Ltd can be implemented under the brand name with the standard and national symbol of Singapore, of which the exploitation is legally permitted. This is a prestigious and powerful brand name, which ensures the absolute safety of the projects in association with the investors. Cooperating with Singapore Standard Ltd, companies are not only the ones to be served but also the investors who together participate in the construction of the community to create sustainable development.