Singapore Standard Ltd., a representative from Singapore, is a global organization specializing in creating quality guarantee methods for finished products, project development, consulting and branding services. 
   We provide services to certify Quality Product, Quality Service, Safe Food under our Singapore Standard Stamp for manufacturer or service provider to prove the quality for their finished products or services. These products have to be assessed according to the quality criteria of Singapore Standard scheme, in which the outstanding are science testing evidences; they have been practiced routinely in top Singapore Laboratories with high frequency. Moreover, we also offer consulting service for branding strategy development, provide training and support clients in implementation of new business concepts, and develop model investment projects following the trend of brand licensing.
   Our excellent experts, coming from Europe, America and Asia, graduated from top business universities such as Harvard USA, Ann Arbor USA, IMD Lausanne Switzerland, Ashridge United Kingdom, Nan yang Singapore, and from famous law universities such as University of Passau Germany, LL.B. (Hons) University of London, Oxford, England. With more than 20 years of global experience working with large corporations such as Vulpes Investment Management Ltd, Creo European Investments Fund, Taylor & Co LLC Singapore Associate, along with the support from Singapore companies, we will provide the clients with the best quality and reliable services.
   We also make direct investment and participate in developing projects related to public health-education-food safety-real estate management and exploitation in ASEAN countries, permitting and brand licensing in special projects related to finance, banking, skyscrapers, construction materials as well as other projects proposed by companies.
Quality audited services, Consulting and Brand licensing services provided under “SINGAPORE STANDARD” allow the companies to change their image, develop sustainably, gain customers’ trust, control domestic market, expand to foreign markets, especially increase competitiveness and exportation to ASEAN markets.