Singapore has been widely known to have the top education system in Asia and always the preferred choice of students from regional countries thanks to its geographical competitiveness and culture similarities. English is taught in all schools in Singapore, from the primary level, with advanced-country-level up-to-date textbooks. National University of Singapore (NUS) is a world-class university that attracts more than 20.000 international students, including 8.000 post graduate students. Many Vietnamese students and post graduate students also study here. We can also list Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which ranks first among 5 Polytechnic Universities in Singapore. The agility of Singapore’s education system can be reflected by the focus on students’ capacity and aptitudes which enables them to fully develop their potentials with internationally accredited diplomas.

Over decades of inheritance and growth from the education system of developed countries in the world, Singapore has successfully established an education system that is able to satisfy the need of seeking and nourishing talents. The curriculum policy of Singapore with diversified teaching programs, that sets creation to the leading position can be counted as its advantage. Hence, the desire to have children enjoy Singapore standard education environment right in the country at the same expense to that of Vietnam bears in mind of parents for always, and they can still take care of them every day. Therefore, Singapore Standard Schools – Singapore Standard Universities Project has been researched, developed and put into operation in Vietnam to help Vietnam’s young generation enjoy the world-class education environment.

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