In the modern life, people show more and more practical demands to improve their living. Beside good meals or fashionable clothes, a nice, luxury, cozy and convenient house has been being a preferred demand for investment and choice.

Being known as the shopping paradise with many tourist attracting places, stable political and strict legal system, safe and clean living environment and satisfactory living standard, Singapore is the most attractive destination in Asia for investing, and settling a long-term family living and working. For these reasons, Singapore is the priority choice of top real estate companies. Additionally, ideal products for an apartment, finishes and furniture are being constantly developed to meet higher and higher demands for living quality.

For Vietnam real estate market, we have seen a wide range of projects of building apartments, offices for lease, shopping malls, commercial centers which being carried out. In fact, many real estate companies are not aware of using value added products such as finishes, furniture and exploiting management. The very first factor that affects customer decision as they are considering of buying or hiring an apartment is the quality of the real estate product, which must satisfy their demand. For that reasons, Finishes & Furniture Project – Singapore Standard Life Project support customer on owning and living in a dream Singapore standard apartment literally and figuratively.

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