Known for providing top quality medical services in the South East Asia as well as in the world, according to statistics, Singapore has welcomed more than 500,000 people from around the globe, including 10,000 Vietnamese people, coming to get medical attention every year. In an attempt to support ASEAN countries to improve the quality of medical services, Singapore Standard Ltd has determined to invest in the projects bringing its medical services to other countries in the region. Singapore Standard Diagnostic Center will be specially developed in Vietnam. The project aims to deliver Singapore standard medical services to Vietnam, in the hope to reduce the patients’ concerns regarding language barriers, cultural difference, the long distance as well as travelling and accommodation expenditure.

Singapore’s international standard health care system along with top quality services and modern facilities in the region have attracted a large number of visitors – including Vietnamese – coming to this island city to get medical attention. Apart from excellent medical services, patients totally satisfy with the treatment methods, facilities and the doctors’ expertise even though they have to pay much more than that in Vietnam.

As a fast growing country on the way to integration, Vietnam always focuses on developing comprehensively in all aspects, including public health. In addition, people have become paid higher attention to personal health care services as a result of the improved living standard. Knowing the rightful demand of Vietnamese people and their concerns about the medical service charge and other extra expenditures when having treatment in Singapore, Singapore Standard Ltd has suggested the implementation of Singapore Standard Diagnostic Center Project which allows the local residents and the expatriates in Vietnam to be able to enjoy Singapore standard medical services in the country.

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