What is Singapore Standard !?

Singapore Standard
is organization from Singapore which operates in quality service supplying segments. We develop standard processes, criteria for finished product’s quality assurance; these themselves are concerned directly with consumer.
Singapore Standard Quality Stamp is the sign of quality product. It proves that product has been tested and passed the applicable standards with authorized laboratories in Singapore. These stamps help manufacturer or supplier to demonstrate the true quality of their products. At the same time, they will give consumers the confidence that the products they are choosing to buy are quality and safety for use in long term. 
Testing Product Reports: they are science evidences of quality products without regards other impaction such as emotion or voting. The applicable standards for product testing are current standards that applying in Singapore country. 
Singapore Standard Quality Criteria: A list of characteristics of a good or service, those need to meet in order to be of sufficient quality to be offered to consumers. Singapore Standard Organization has right to create a list of measurable qualities that the product must reach its quality stamp such as QUALITY PRODUCT, QUALITY SERVICE OR SAFE FOOD. To measure criteria of products in practice could be implemented at indicated Singapore Laboratories.