Nowadays, business environment and manufacturing materials are developing rapidly, companies have to face many issues and challenges, so the question is: How to survive and develop?

When the business environment becomes fierce, companies have to improve their competitiveness by utilizing its staff as well as figuring out the best business solution for each period. “Business is a battle field”, that’s why a company is required to invest in its human resources once it entered in that field. In other words, the human factor is the key to success. Having great staff means having “a great army” and is the first and the most important factor determining the success in the battle field of business. Once the human is the center of the company, the success of the company will come from the success of each member. The key to success lies in a simple truth: human strategy. With excellent experts, Singapore Standard Ltd. will support the companies in training to create the best and most efficient staff.

Moreover, the success and development of a company are also the factors to improve its ability to attract more talents.In the constantly changing economy, why are there many companies bankrupted while other companies survive and even transform the difficulties into opportunity? That lies in timing, sharpness and professional business solutions.
Business environment is a constantly changing flow, if a company cannot adapt to change in time, it will be flushed away. Agility and adaptability are “necessary conditions” determining the survival of a company. With excellent experts all around the world, Singapore Standard Ltd. will help you to have proper business solutions, overcome difficulties, and build firm position in the market to grow sustainably.


Anyone who wants to do business must have a business idea, but not all business ideas or patents can be implemented profitably. Keep in mind that the ideas or services must be firstly authorized by the competent authorities. This can be the important difficulty that prevents you from going on. It is obvious that the progress to fulfill your dream is not as easy as you think. What should you do to make your dream come true? We, Singapore Standard, have the right tools to transform practical dreams into reality.

You may want to run a new business activity or make business reformation to build business modules for expansion and assignment, etc. Each of the products will have a corresponding business model that is either appropriate or inappropriate to make it work. A good business plan not only turns initial business ideas into reality but also helps us to stay focused once the plan is successful. A tough business environment requires companies to become more and more professional. To be successful, Singapore Standard will help you to design a complete plan for new investment projects from concept development phase, market research to implementation phase.
Training Programmes are supplied by Singapore Standard Ltd:

Training Courses currently provided by CIS are as follows:
• Quality Management Syntem (ISO 9001:2008)
1. Improving Business Operations through understanding IS 9001:2008 & Certification (IBOC)
2. Internal Quality Audit (IQA)

• Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)
1. Understanding Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)
2. Internal Auditing

• Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS)
1. Understanding Occupational Health & Safety Management System (BS OHSAS 18001:2007)
2. Internal Auditing
3. Risk Assessment & Applicable WSHA Legislation (English)
4. Risk Assessment and Management for Food factories and F&B Industries (English)

• MOM approved bizSAFE courses
1. BizSAFE Level 1 Workshop for CEO/ Top Management
2. BizSAFE Level 2 Risk Management Course (approved by MOM)
3. bizSAFE Level 4 Workplace Safety & Health Management System

• Good Distribution Practive for Medical Devices in Singapore (GDPMDS)
1. Understanding Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore
2. Internal Audit

• IMS, Integrated Management System
1. Understanding and Implementing Integrated Management System (QEHS)
2. Effective Internal Auditing of Integrated Management System (QEHS)

• SS506 Part III
1. Understanding Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management System (Requirements for the Chemical Industry) and Internal Auditing

• ISO 22000:2005
1. Understanding & Application of ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and Internal Auditing
2. ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Awareness Course

• TS 16949:2009
1. Understanding TS 16949:2009 standard requirements & Certification 
2. Internal Auditing course

• HACCP (SS 444:2010)
1. Technical application of HACCP Food Safety System in various Food Industries
2. Technical application of HACCP in various Food Industries (Mandarin)

1. Management of Food Safety based on HACCP (SAC HACCP Doc 2) – Mandarin 

1. GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Food Safety Control in Food Industries

• QBMS, SS 524:2006
1. Understanding SS 524:2006 for Bunkering Industries and Internal Auditing

• ISO 22301:2012
1. Business Continuity Management (BCM) Internal Audit Course
2. Flu Pandemic BCM Course

• Other available courses are
1. 5 S Housekeeping Methodology
2. Microbiological Testing

• Welding Technology Courses
1. American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector
2. Visual Inspection of Welds
3. Apply Metallurgy Principle
4. Metal joining & Cutting Processes
5. Safety in Welding & Cutting Processes
6. Structural Welding Design

• American Petroleum Institute (API) Courses
1. API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector
2. API 570 Piping Inspector
3. API 571 Supplemental Inspection
4. API 653 Abovefround Storage Tank Inspector 
5. API 577 Advanced Welding Inspection & Metallurgy
6. API 580 Advanced Risk Based Inspection

• Food Safety Courses
1. WSQ Food Hygiene Courses (Accredited by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA))